Conan Mount Wrath: Live at Roadburn 2012 (2013) Stream/Download (Name Your Price!)

Tags: conan doom stoner sludge atmospheric doom live dl
Bongripper // Live at Roadburn (2012)

Bongripper // Live at Roadburn (2012)


Tags: Doom Metal Sludge Stoner Instrumental Bongripper Live 2012 Roadburn dl

Lord Mantis - “Ritual Killer” @ Saint Vitus Bar, NYC, 11/19/2012

Tags: 2012 Black Metal Chicago Doom Live Sludge USA lord mantis


Lycus played a new song live at Nü Kastle in Oakland on September, 14th 2012

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Tags: Doom Sludge Funeral Doom Black Metal Lycus USA live

The FYD staff had an excellent time in NYC this past weekend catching day 2 of the POWER OF THE RIFF FESTIVAL. Seeing Sunn O))) was legendary, and I can’t wait to catch them again this friday. Dead in the Dirt, Repulsion, and Winter were especially awesome, and here’s a glimpse of the latter band’s crushing set.

Tags: Winter Doom Death NYC Power of the Riff live 2012


Tags: 2012 Death Death/Doom Doom Metal Funeral Doom Seattle live anhedonist

AMENRA : interview with Colin H. Van Eeckhout + “Am Kreuz” live

Tags: Amenra Sludge Post-Metal Doom Belgium live interview

Encoffination // Live @ Brooklyn, Martyrdoom Festival 2012, 6/30/12

Tags: 2012 Death Metal Death/Doom Doom live martyrdoom festival nyc Encoffination

WHITEHORSE // Live @ The Acheron, NYC, 6/12/2012 (FULL SET)

Tags: Whitehorse Doom Metal Sludge Drone Noise Live

THOU // “Fleurs de Mal” @ Chaos In Tejas 6/3/12

Tags: Thou Sludge Metal Doom Drone Chaos In Tejas Live 2012

AmenRa - “Mass V” (16.06.2012 Hellfest Clisson)

Tags: Amenra Sludge Metal Doom Post-Metal Belgium Hellfest 2012 live

Electric Wizard @ MDF 2012

The FYD staff had an incredible time at death fest this year, Electric Wizard, Yob, and Church of Misery were incredible. 

Tags: Electric Wizard Doom Metal Stoner Sludge MDF 2012 live

LOSS // “Silent and Completely Overcome” @ Saint Vitus NYC, 5/19/12

Tags: Doom Metal Funeral Doom LOSS Saint Vitus NYC live

Noothgrush // Live in Prague 5/10/2012

Tags: Sludge Metal Doom Noothgrush Live 2012

Old Man Gloom @ Brooklyn, Club Europa 08 May 2012

Tags: Old Man Gloom Sludge Metal Doom Experimental Live 2012

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